While in teacher mode, the set of user accounts can be managed by tapping on the Users tab.

Adding Students

A new student can be added to Classroom Checkout by tapping the “+” button. The name for the student can be entered, and a passcode can be set for the student.

Checkout History

You can see the checkout history for any of your students. To do so, simply tap on the a student to view the student's details and you will see the checkout history displayed there.

Changing Passcodes

At any time, the passcode for the teacher or a student can be changed from within the Users section. First, tap on the teacher or student in the Users list, and then tap the “Set Passcode” button.

When changing a passcode, Classroom Checkout will request that the passcode be entered twice in order to verify correct entry.

Impersonate Student

The teacher may “impersonate” any student by first tapping on that student's entry in the Users list and then by tapping the “Impersonate Student” button. Impersonating a student essentially allows the teacher to log in as that student. this is useful if the teacher needs to check in or check out books on behalf of the student.

Deleting Students

A student may be deleted from Classroom Checkout by swiping on the student's entry in the Users list.