While in teacher mode, additional ancillary features can be accessed by tapping the More tab.


You can access this online manual by tapping on the “Manual” button.

Barcode Labels

If you have books that do not have barcodes, we offer barcode labels for purchase in the U.S.


To send us an email with a support question or comment, simply press the “Support” button to bring up an email composition interface. The email will be pre-populated with a few device details that we can use to help provide better support. Add your question or comment to body of the email and hit “Send.” We will usually get back to you within 24 hours.


If you would like to share a rating or review for Literacy Leveler in the App Store, tap the “Rate” button and you will be taken to the Literacy Leveler app page in the appropriate store.

iCloud Sync

You can tap this button to take you to the settings for Classroom Checkout, where you can enable iCloud sync. This will automatically keep all of your data synced between devices logged into the same iCloud account. Be sure to enable iCloud sync on each device you'd like to sync with.

Export Database

To export a copy of your database, including all books, users, and checkout information, tap this button to open an email containing an attachment containing the database data. You can send this to an email account you can access and safeguard the file as a backup.

You can import this copy of the database on any device by tapping on the file to open it an choosing “Copy to Checkout”. When importing, any data already on the device is merged with the data being imported.

Delete Students

If you would like to delete all of the students in Classroom Checkout in order to prepare for a new school year, tap this button. You will be prompted to enter your teacher passcode to proceed.

If instead you would like to delete an individual student, go to tye Users tab and swipe left on a student.

Share Cover Art

You can opt to share cover art you have added for books in My Library. To do so, enable “Share Cover Art” and new any covers added will be uploaded for consideration for inclusion in the cover art database.

Note that any cover art images shared become property of FikesFarm, LLC.