My Library

While in teacher mode, the set of books in the classroom library can be managed by tapping on the My Library tab.

Adding Books

A book can be added to Classroom Checkout by tapping the “+” button. When adding a book, Classroom Checkout will request that you scan the book's barcode. The title, author, and cover art for the book will be looked up online with the Classroom Checkout server. If the title and/or author are not available, or are not to your liking, you may edit them before actually adding the book to your library.

When you want to add the book, tap on either “Add and Scan Another“ if you are rapidly scanning in your entire library, or “Add Just This Book” if you are adding a single book, or if this is the last book you would like to enter.

Editing Book Information

You can edit the title or author of a book by first tapping on the book in the My Library books list. Additionally you can revise the number of copies of this particular book that exist in your classroom library by tapping on the “-/+” button next to the “Copies” entry.

Book Covers

You can set your own cover to use for a book, or add a cover if one is not available. To do this tap the “Set Cover” button. You can then use your device's camera to take a picture of the book's cover.

If you would like your added covers to be shared for use by others, you can enable “Share Cover Art” in the More section.

Managing Barcodes

Some books may have multiple barcodes on them (some for ISBNs and some for UPCs). You may want to scan all of these barcodes into Classroom Checkout for such a book so that the book will be correctly identifies if a student scans any of the barcodes. To add a barcode, tap the “Add Barcode” button, and to remove a barcode swipe on the barcode to delete it.

Likewise, you may have multiple copies of a given title, where copies have distinct barcodes. In that case you can go to the details for the title in My Library and tap “Add Barcode” to add the barcodes from all of the titles. You can also adjust “Copies” to reflect the total number of copies you have for the title.

If a book has no barcode, it is possible to affix a printed barcode sticker to the book, and then assocate that barcode with the book using the “Add Barcode” button.

Deleting Books

You can delete a book by swiping on its entry in the My Library books list.