Literacy Leveler FAQ

  1. What sort of Internet connectivity is required by Literacy Leveler?

    Literacy Leveler communicates with two servers to access book metadata and cover art. If Internet connectivity is not available, or, if your network restricts access to certain websites which excludes these servers, certain funtionality may not be available.

    You can independenty test whether your device can access the Literacy Leveler metadata and cover art servers by visiting the following URLs using a web browser on your device:

    If you can't access either of these, you may need to ask your network administrator or IT department to allow network access via the HTTP protocol to and

  2. What does “Request failed : unacceptable content-type:text/HTML” mean?

    This is usually the result of not having network access to the Literacy Leveler book metadata server. (See FAQ item 1 above.)

    Specifically, this can occur if an IT detpartment has installed an Internet firewall which blocks outbound access to the Literacy Leveler server and responds to the Literacy Leveler app with a human-readable web page describing the blocked access.

  3. What does “The code scaned (007…993) is not recognized as a valid ISBN.” mean?

    This is usually the result of scanning a UPC barcode instead of an ISBN barcode.

    The ISBN code is often labeled with the letters “EAN” along the left edge and the ISBN numbers that appear along the bottom edge start with “9 78.” If instead you see “UPC” along the left edge, or the numbers do not start with “9 78,” as is illustrated here, the barcode does not reflect the book's ISBN.

    In those cases, the ISBN is often to be found on the inside front flap of the book as illustrated here.

    If you cannot find the ISBN barcode, you can resort to entering the ISBN manually.

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