To access the “More” section of Literacy Leveler, tap the More tab. This section provides an easy way to access this manual, email support, and share ratings and reviews. It also provides a handy reading level correlation chart.


This manual is accessible from within Literacy Leveler. Simply tap the “Manual” button.

Classroom Checkout

If you have the Classroom Checkout app installed, you will be able to export the books in “My Library.” Only books not currently in Classroom Checkout will be exported, and tapping on the Classroom Checkout button will cause Classroom Checkout to become the active app, ready to import the exported books.


To send us an email with a support question or comment, simply press the “Support” button to bring up an email composition interface. The email will be pre-populated with a few device details that we can use to help provide better support. Add your question or comment to body of the email and hit “Send”. We will usually get back to you within 24 hours.


If you would like to share a rating or review for Literacy Leveler in the App Store, tap the “Rate” button and you will be taken to the Literacy Leveler app page in the appropriate store.

Correlation Chart

The correlation chart displayed allows you to see a rough correlation between U.S. grade levels, Lexile measures, DRA scores, and GRL scores.

The correlation chart is scrollable; on smaller devices you may need to scroll it to see correlations for books with higher levels.

Note: A correlation between various scoring systems does exist, but it is not an extremely strong correlation. Because of this, broad ranges of Lexiles are correlated to DRAs and GRLs. Please use this chart only as a rough guide in the case that a score exists in one system but not in another.

The correlation chart displays Lexile ranges consistent with the 2012 CCSS Text Measures.—Common Core State Standards for English, Language Arts, Appendix A (Additional Information), NGS and CCSSO, 2012.

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