Scanning Books

Literacy Leveler provides the ability to scan book ISBNs for quick lookup.

To scan a book, first switch to the Scan tab and then center the book's ISBN in the viewfinder window on the screen.

Note: On all devices except the iPad 2, the ISBN scanning window is built directly into Literacy Leveler. On the iPad 2, a separate free application “pic2shop” is used.

To use “pic2shop,” first simply tap on the Install “pic2shop” link within Literacy Leveler and this will bring you to the App Store to install the app. Then, once installed, don't open “pic2shop,” but instead go back into Literacy Leveler and tap the Scan Using “pic2shop” link to scan a book. This will temporarily switch you to “pic2shop,” where you can scan an ISBN, and once scanned, “pic2shop” will automatically bring you back to Literacy Leveler where the book information will be presented.

The ISBN is usually near the bottom on the back cover.

Note: The ISBN code is often labeled with the letters “EAN” along the left edge and the ISBN numbers that appear along the bottom edge start with “9 78.”

If instead you see “UPC” along the left edge, or the numbers do not start with “9 78,” then the barcode does not reflect the book's ISBN. In those cases, the ISBN is often to be found on the inside front flap of the book. If you cannot find the ISBN, you can resort to entering the ISBN manually.

Be sure to hold your device several inches away from the ISBN; if held too close, the camera may not be able to focus clearly on the ISBN. Also, be sure to scan books in an environment with plenty of ambient light.

When the ISBN comes into focus, the code will be scanned and the book will be looked up and the book's details will be shown.

Note: Literacy Leveler requires Internet access in order to obtain book details from the Literacy Leveler server.

Information may be lacking for some books. If a Lexile measure, DRA, or GRL is not available, a dash (—) will be displayed instead of a score.

Note: If information is not available for a book, a note of it is made in the Literacy Leveler server. The team is constantly reviewing missing books for issues.

It might be the case that the Literacy Leveler server has the details for a given book, but is simply lacking the ISBN scanned. In that case, it might be possible to find the book by searching for it by title.

After scanning a book, you can immediately scan another book. Simply aim the viewfinder at another book's ISBN to continue scanning.

Scan Beep Sound

It is possible to turn off the scan beep sound that occurs when scanning a book. Simply tap the icon that looks like a speaker. To turn the beep sound back on, tap the icon again.

Manual ISBN Entry

If need be, it is possible to manually enter a book's ISBN in lieu of scanning it. This helps in the case of an older book lacking an ISBN bar code, or if for some reason, an ISBN cannot be easily scanned.

To manually enter an ISBN, first tap on the keyboard icon in the upper left on the Scan page. Simply enter the ISBN number and the book will be shown. Both 10-digit and 13-digit ISBNs can be entered.

If an invalid ISBN number is entered, the ISBN will be displayed in red. (An invalid ISBN number is automatically detected when the last digit—the “check digit”—in the ISBN is entered.)

Once a manually-entered ISBN is recognized, the associated book is displayed and the bar-code scanner is automatically re-enabled. To abort manual entry of an ISBN and return to using the bar-code scanner, simply tap the Cancel button in the upper-left.

Adding a Book to My Library

Literacy Leveler can remember a scanned book: Simply add it to My Library. To do this, tap the book icon in the upper right, or the “Add to My Library” button.

Note: If the book you have scanned is already in your library, this button is disabled.

After adding a book to My Library you can switch to the My Library tab to see it.

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