Runner’s Log syncing keeps your log, routes, shoes, and tags consistent between all of your devices. Once enabled, no action is required on your part—syncing occurs automatically.

We recommend enabling syncing only if you have multiple devices that you’d like to keep in sync. If you have one device and want to ensure your Runner’s Log data is backed up, we recommend iCloud or iTunes backup.

To enable syncing, go into the Settings app and turn on Runner’s Log > Sync. Make sure to turn it on for each device. With syncing enabled, all data across devices is automatically merged and kept consistent.

Runner’s Log is capable of syncing in the background. To enable this, ensure that Settings > Runner’s Log > Background App Refresh is enabled.

Problems Syncing?

One bit of advice we can offer for iCloud syncing is: Be patient. Syncing can take several minutes and sometimes longer.

If a device is on cellular, syncing may not occur until on WiFi. This is the case if Settings > iCloud > iCloud Drive > Use Cellular Data is not enabled.


First check syncing is enabled on each device. Launch the Settings app and check that Runner’s Log > Sync is on.

Make sure that you are signed into each device with the same iCloud account. You can check this by opening the Settings app and checking the account listed in the iCloud section.

If Runner’s Log indicates that iCloud is unavailable, check that Settings > iCloud > iCloud Drive is on and that Runner’s Log is enabled in the list of apps allowed to store documents and data in iCloud. If iCloud is unavailable, Settings > Runner’s Log > Sync is automatically switched off.

If all of the above looks correct, our first recommendations is to restart all devices. It can also help if all devices are plugged into power and left connected to the same WiFi for an extended time when doing this. Oftentimes this fixes things.

If this still does not result in syncing, we next recommend resetting iCloud sync for Runner’s Log by following these steps:

  1. On each device, turn off Settings > Runner’s Log > Sync
  2. On each device, open the Runner’s Log app (this is important because it causes Runner’s Log to migrate all data for the device out of iCloud)
  3. On any one device, go to Settings > iCloud > Storage > Manage Storage > Runner’s Log. Tap the “Edit” button, and then tap the large red “Delete All” button.
  4. Wait for about 30 minutes (to let the results of step 3 to propagate to all of your devices)
  5. On one device, turn on Settings > Runner’s Log > Sync. Open the Runner’s Log app. If a progress spinner appears, wait for it to finish.
  6. Repeat step (5) for each of your other devices.