My Library

Literacy Leveler makes it easy to maintain a list of books for future reference.

To access this list, switch to the My Library tab. You will see a list of books that you have chosen to add after scanning or searching.

The list will show cover art thumbnails and titles for each book in your library; to see the details for a given book, tap on that item in the list.

Sort Order

By default, Literacy Leveler sorts the books in your library by date and time added. This way, your most recently added books appear at the top of the list.

Literacy Leveler can also sort books by title, which makes it easier to find a book when you have a sizeable collection in your library.

To change the sort order to be by title, simply tap the button in the upper right of the list so that “A-Z“ is selected.

Note: When sorting by title, Literacy Leveler takes into consideration titles starting with “A,” “An,” and “The,” sorting by the remainder of the title.

Removing a Book

Remove a book from your library is a simple operation:

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