Searching for Books

Literacy Leveler makes it easy to search for books by title, author, or reading level.

To search for a book, first switch to the Search tab, and then enter your search terms and then tap the Search (iOS) or magnifying glass button (Android) button in the keyboard to initiate the search.

By default, Literacy Leveler will search for a book by title. But to search for a book by author or by reading level, tap the button that allows you to indicate that a search is by either

Once a search is done, a scrollable list of matches will be presented. The list will show cover art thumbnails and titles for each matching book; to see the details for a given match, tap on that item in the list.

When viewing the details for a book, you can choose to add it to My Library for future reference. To do this, tap the book icon in the upper right, or the “Add to My Library” button.

Note: If the book you are viewing is already in your library, this button is disabled.

After adding a book to My Library you can switch to the My Library tab to see it.

Searching by Title or Author

When searching by title or author, you need not enter complete search terms. For example, searching by title for “cat hat” will return “The Cat in the Hat” as well as other titles, and searching for author by “seuss” will return books by “Dr. Seuss.”

When searching for books by author, the list of matches returned will be grouped by author.

Searching by Reading Level

When searching by Lexile measure, DRA, or GRL, after setting Literacy Leveler to search by any of these systems, simply enter the score. For example, to search for books with a Lexile measure of 800L, enter “800” and then tap the search or button to initiate the search.

When searching by reading level, all of the matched results shown will be of the same reading level.

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