My Library

Literacy Leveler makes it easy to maintain a list of books for future reference.

To access this list, switch to the My Library tab. You will see a list of books that you have chosen to add after scanning or searching.

The list will show cover art thumbnails and titles for each book in your library; to see the details for a given book, tap on that item in the list. Within your library, you can also add your own personal notes for a book.


By default, Literacy Leveler displays all of the titles for the books in your library in a single list. You can instead have the books grouped by author or level by tapping one of the Author, Lexile, DRA, or GRL buttons.

When grouped by author, the groups are ordered by author last name, and when grouped by level, the groups are ordered by reading level with the easiest first, and the most challenging last.


If you know the title of a book, you can first tap on the Title button, and then type some of the title into the Search field. All books containing the entered text in their title will be displayed.

Likewise, if your library is currently being grouped by author or level, the Search field can be used to quickly filter down to author names or specific level desired.

Adding Notes

If you would like to add free-form notes for a book that you have added to your library, first tap on the book to see its details and then tap on the “My Notes” button in the upper right.

When finished editing your notes, tap the “Back” button to return to the book details.

Setting DRA or GRL Estimates

If a DRA or GRL score is not available for a given book, a dash (—) will be displayed instead of a score. In this case, if you would like to set a personal estimate of the DRA or GRL score, simply tap on the blue dash and choose a score. Your personal estimate will be displayed and used when Grouping, Sorting, and Searching, as described above.

You can tell that a personal estimate is being used if the score is blue, and in that case you can tap on the score at any time to revise the estimate. If a score later becomes available in the Literacy Leveler database for the book, it will replace your personal estimate.

Note: Owing to licensing restrictions, this feature is not available for Lexile measures.

Removing a Book

Remove a book from your library is a simple operation: Simply swipe a book entry to reveal the “Delete” button, or press the “Edit” button in the upper left to reveal list editing controls.

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